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Learn how to track, measure, test, and report on how users interact with your web site or app with an analytics stack. Using free tools like Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and Google Data Studio, you will learn how to track events on client and server side, a/b test features, and build fancy reports.


🙊 To play around, you need Google Analytics Debugger.

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Note: Demo uses the new gtag.js analytics implementation with references to the old(er) analytics.js implementation. All new GA properties will use gtag.js while many installs out there use ga.js

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Event Tracking


gtag('event', 'homepage_search', {
    'event_category': 'Search',
    'event_action': 'submit',
    'event_label': 'Homepage Search'


ga('send', 'event', 'Search', 'submit', 'Homepage Search');


Dev Libraries / APIs

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Server Side

Google Tag Manager

Google Optimize